Certificate of Participation in Human-Animal Disease Surveillance (Short Cource Programme)


This short course is essential for building a critical mass of skilled manpower in human-animal disease surveillance in West Africa. In particular, by working together within sub-regional zoonoses hotspots, the CCPZ certificate programmme is flexible in module, trans-disciplinary in nature, and uniquely designed to attract participants from diverse educational backgrounds. The short course builds “One-Health, One-West-Africa” network. This programme is essential in post-Ebola outbreaks in West Africa. The short course modules focus on detection and diagnosis of human-animal disease pathogens, identifying exposure risk factors, their pattern of spread, time series analysis of cases and indigenous knowledge and practices that may contribute to spatial patterns seen in local communities. This training fosters sub-regional (international) biosecurity engagement training programme for human-animal disease surveillance in West Africa.