Diagnosis, Vaccines and Community Services

Diagnostics, Vaccines and Community Services

Real-time PCR shall be available for continual diagnostic services at the CCPZ. This shall attract economic charges competitive with prevailing situation within West Africa.


Research Topics, Major Investigators and Collaborators

  1. Detection, Isolation and Characterization of Air -, Food- and Vector -borne Parasitic Zoonoses (Toxoplasmosis, Neurocysticercosis, Malaria and Cryptosporidiosis) in West Africa: A Cohort Study of Humans, Cats, Dogs, Rodents, Birds and Water

Major Investigators: Dr. Ayinmode, Prof. Aning, Dr. Saidu Kanu

Potential Students: (a) DOGBA John (Fellow)

Supervisory Panel: Dr. Cadmus, Dr. Ayinmode, Dr. M.D. Dairo, Dr. Charles Mulbah


  1. Detection, Isolation and Characterization of Air -, Food- and Vector-borne Viral Zoonoses (Hepatitis, Yellow fever, West Nile, Influenza, Rabies, and Lassa Fever) in West Africa: A Cohort Study of Humans, Cats, Dogs, Rodents, Birds and Water.

          Major Investigators: Dr. Oluwayelu, Dr. Suu-Ire, Mr. Roland Suluku

Potential Students: BABALOLA Temilade (Fellow)

Supervisory Panel: Dr. Oluwayelu, Dr. Emikpe, Dr. Eme Owoaje, Dr. Suu-Ire


  1. Detection, Isolation and Characterization of Air-, Food- and Vector-borne Bacterial Zoonoses (Brucellosis, TB, Salmonelosis,) in West Africa: A Study of Humans, Cats, Dogs, Rodents, Birds and Water

          Major Investigators: Dr. Cadmus, Dr. A.J. Fasunla, Dr. Reuben Ocholi, Dr. Oluwasola (Ag. Head, Pathology), Dr. Victoria Adetunji

         Potential Students: ODOOM Theophilus

         Supervisory Panel: Dr. Emikpe, Dr. Cadmus, Dr. Adebiyi, Prof. Aning

  1. Assessment of Communal and Environmental Risk Factors Associated with Zoonoses Dynamics in West Africa

           Major Investigators: Dr. Dairo, Adebiyi, Dr. Popoola, Dr. Akinyemi, Dr. Eme Owoaje, Dr. Charles Mulbah,

Potential Students: JAGUN Afusat (Fellow)

Supervisory Panel: Prof. Taiwo, Dr. Oluwayelu, Dr. Dairo, Prof. A.B. Ogunkoya


  1. Social Drivers and Economic Burden of Zoonotic Diseases in Selected West African Communities.

Major Investigators: Prof. Jegede , Prof Soyibo, Prof. Ajuwon

Potential Students:

Supervisory Panel:


6. Indigenous Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices associated with Zoonotic Diseases in West Africa

Major Investigators: Dr. Wahab, Dr Egunyinka, Dr. Darkwa

Potential Students: AKABA Selorm (Fellow)

Supervisory Panel: Prof. A.A. Ladele, Dr. Olugasa, Prof. Ajuwon, Prof. Aning


  1. Modeling Risk Management Plans for Control of Air-, Food- and Vector- borne Zoonoses with field Evaluation in Selected Communities in West Africa

Major Investigators: Dr. Olugasa, Dr. Nipah, Mrs. Sanni-Adeniyi, Prof. Ogunkoya

Potential Students: NYAKOI Jomah

Supervisory Panel: Dr. Olugasa, Dr. Ayinmode, Dr. Dairo, Dr. George Nipah


  1. Development and Evaluation of Indigenous Diagnostics and Biologics for Zoonoses in West Africa

          Major Investigators: Dr. Emikpe, Dr. Odemuyiwa, Dr. Ijagbone, Dr. Fagbohun, Dr. Omobowale

          Potential Students: ADEOLA Oluwagbemiga

          Supervisory Panel: Dr. Emikpe, Dr. Olugasa, Dr. Fasunla, Dr. Odemuyiwa