Fellowship and Scholarship Awards

The centre supports candidates that meets her criteria for Master of Science, Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy, as well as Certificate of Participation in Human-Animal Disease Surveillance in West Africa. The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Higher Education Initiative in Africa Grant to the University of Ibadan, Nigeria funds career track offices and academia for postgraduate fellowship in surveillance of human-animal diseases in West Africa. The following trans-disciplinary areas are supported:

1. Study on Native Intelligence, including Indigenous Knowledge, Attitude and Practices

2. Studies on Community Medicine and Comprehensive Monitoring of Clinical Cases

3. Studies on Geographic Mapping of Spread and Associated Risk Management Plans

4· Sturdies on Indigenization of Biotechnology for Rapid Detection of zoonotic diseases

5. Parasitology, Entomology and Ecology of Zoonoses

6· Studies on Characterization, Virology and Molecular Epidemiology of Causal Agents of zoonoses

7. Studies on Pathogenesis, Immunology, Genomics and Vaccinology

We intend to award a number of 2-year (M.Sc.) Scholarships and 3-year (PhD) Fellowships. A Fellowship or scholarship will cover the cost of tuition, accommodation on campus, travel to and from home country, and approved conference attendance. University of Ibadan accommodation will be allocated by the Office of International Programmes or Students Affairs Division into suitable graduate students’ hostels. Other expenses, including research equipment and reagents are the responsibility of the centre in its student support facility. Applications will be evaluated by the Implementation Committee based on a set of eligibility criteria. Fellowship or scholarship will be awarded on a competitive basis.

Masters-level scholarships will include the following: 1) $6,000 for an International student (Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone) per year for one or two years; 2) $4,000 for a national student (Nigeria) per year for one or two years. 3) An approved 10-week internship in research on human-animal disease investigation.

Doctoral-level fellowships will include the following: 1) $6,000 for a national student per year (Nigeria) for one, two or three years. 2) $7,000/International student per year for one, two or three years. 3) An approved 10-week internship in research related to human-animal disease investigation. Applicants must be West African citizens, hold high Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) at first degree, equivalent to a minimum of Second Class (upper division) or above in a discipline that aligns with the mission of the centre. Applicants must be willing to attend a mandatory sponsored career development modular course, compulsory monthly seminar presentation, and to conduct a 10-week internship in a West African field in a selected domain. Applicants must be willing to attend all activities of the programme. Finally, applicants must be willing to commit a one-year home institution employment experience.


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