M.Phil.-PhD and PhD


The M.Phil.-PhD and PhD will focus on research and mentoring. This will comprise hands-on practicum training on detection, prevention and containment of zoonoses, using selected hotspots of endemic and neglected zoonotic as practicum in the southern part of Nigeria and in selected countries of West Africa. The M.Phil.-PhD and PhD will focus on training of manpower that will effectively understand the state-of-the-arts in zoonoses detection, prevention, and containment system and to utilize the system efficiently in Nigeria and in West Africa.

The programme leading to award of PhD degree in zoonotic studies shall normally last for minimum of six semesters of full time study.

Admission Requirement for M.Phil and M.Phil/PhD Degree

· Candidate with relevant application MSc. degree can proceed to M.Phil/Ph.D.

· Candidate may be required to take and pass and approved combination of 800 level courses

· Candidates will be required to carry out an original research and submit a dissertation on a topic chosen in consultation with the supervisor and approved by the University senate.

Admission Requirement for PhD

Entry into the PhD programme shall on competitive basis. The following are criteria for admission for of student to the programme.

· Admission is open to candidates who have attained a minimum average of 60% in any of the relevant and applicable Master’s programmes.

· Candidates for the M.Phil degree programme of the University of Ibadan who have satisfied the course requirements for the degree and have permitted by senate to upgrade their registration on the satisfactory progress in research.

Regulations governing the Award of the Degree

Examinations shall be conducted in accordance with existing regulations of the postgraduate school, University of Ibadan. To qualify for the award of PhD, the following conditions must be fulfilled. The candidate must sit for and pass all the compulsory courses as well as any combination of one set of elective courses. The candidate must also satisfy all other requirements of the postgraduate school governing the award of the PhD degree.

Preference will be given in the selection process to middle career officers from reletad Ministries, Research and Academic Institutions in West Africa.


Research Topics, Major Investigators and Collaborators, 2012-2013 Academic Session

1.    Detection, Isolation and Characterization of Air -, Food- and Vector -borne Parasitic Zoonoses (Toxoplasmosis, Neurocysticercosis, Malaria and Cryptosporidiosis) in West Africa: A Cohort Study of Humans, Cats, Dogs, Rodents, Birds and Water

Major Investigators: Dr. Ayinmode, Prof. Aning, Dr. Saidu Kanu

Potential Students: (a) DOGBA John (Fellow)

Supervisory Panel: Dr. Cadmus, Dr. Ayinmode, Dr. M.D. Dairo, Dr. Charles Mulbah

2.    Detection, Isolation and Characterization of Air -, Food- and Vector-borne Viral Zoonoses (Hepatitis, Yellow fever, West Nile, Influenza, Rabies, and Lassa Fever) in West Africa: A Cohort Study of Humans, Cats, Dogs, Rodents, Birds and Water.

          Major Investigators: Dr. Oluwayelu, Dr. Suu-Ire, Mr. Roland Suluku

Potential Students: BABALOLA Temilade (Fellow)

Supervisory Panel: Dr. Oluwayelu, Dr. Emikpe, Dr. Eme Owoaje, Dr. Suu-Ire

3.    Detection, Isolation and Characterization of Air-, Food- and Vector-borne Bacterial Zoonoses (Brucellosis, TB, Salmonelosis,) in West Africa: A Study of Humans, Cats, Dogs, Rodents, Birds and Water

         Major Investigators: Dr. Cadmus, Dr. A.J. Fasunla, Dr. Reuben Ocholi, Dr. Oluwasola,

                                           Dr. Victoria Adetunji

         Potential Students: ODOOM Theophilus

         Supervisory Panel: Dr. Emikpe, Dr. Cadmus, Dr. Adebiyi, Prof. Aning

4.    Assessment of Communal and Environmental Risk Factors Associated with Zoonoses Dynamics in West Africa

          Major Investigators: Dr. Dairo, Adebiyi, Dr. Popoola, Dr. Akinyemi, Dr. Eme Owoaje, Dr. Charles Mulbah,

Potential Students: JAGUN Afusat (Fellow)

Supervisory Panel: Prof. Taiwo, Dr. Oluwayelu, Dr. Dairo, Prof. A.B. Ogunkoya

5.    Social Drivers and Economic Burden of Zoonotic Diseases in Selected West African Communities.

Major Investigators: Prof. Jegede , Prof Soyibo, Prof. Ajuwon

Potential Students:

Supervisory Panel:


6. Indigenous Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices associated with Zoonotic Diseases in West Africa

Major Investigators: Dr. Wahab, Dr Egunyinka, Dr. Darkwa

Potential Students: AKABA Selorm (Fellow)

Supervisory Panel: Prof. A.A. Ladele, Dr. Olugasa, Prof. Ajuwon, Prof. Aning


7.    Modeling Risk Management Plans for Control of Air-, Food- and Vector- borne Zoonoses with field Evaluation in Selected Communities in West Africa

Major Investigators: Dr. Olugasa, Dr. Nipah, Mrs. Sanni-Adeniyi, Prof. Ogunkoya

Potential Students: NYAKOI Jomah

Supervisory Panel: Dr. Olugasa, Dr. Ayinmode, Dr. Dairo, Dr. George Nipah

8.    Development and Evaluation of Indigenous Diagnostics and Biologics for Zoonoses in West Africa

        Major Investigators: Dr. Emikpe, Dr. Odemuyiwa, Dr. Ijagbone, Dr. Fagbohun, Dr. Omobowale

        Potential Students: ADEOLA Oluwagbemiga

        Supervisory Panel: Dr. Emikpe, Dr. Olugasa, Dr. Fasunla, Dr. Odemuyiwa