Dr. George Nipah

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Dr. George Nipah: DVM and MSc Epidemiology (Guelph, Ontario) retired as Deputy Director (Veterinary Epidemiology) from the National Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Accra, Ghana. He is an international expert on Transboundary Animal Diseases information (TAD-info) systems of the United Nations Food and Agriculture (FAO). He served on several FAO missions in African countries as Consultant in the control of animal diseases. He was a visiting scientist at the FAO headquarters, Rome to design disease surveillance tools and platforms for control of transboundary animal diseases for Ghana and some other African countries. He set up national animal disease surveillance system in Liberia in 2010 with central data management facility for veterinary epidemiology at the Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI), Bong County. He provides expertise and experience across West Africa to improve postgraduate programmes for surveillance of human-animal diseases in West Africa to the Centre for Control and Prevention of Zoonoses. In addition, experience from Ghanaian district health system is incorporated for policy and strategic studies for use in the sub-region. Dr. Nipa contributes his skills to the development of Zoonet database and training facility of the CCPZ.

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