Products of the Centre

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CCPZ has developed innovative products on human-animal disease surveillance and control that promote one health education, practice and research in West Africa. Such products include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Improved postgraduate curriculum for human-animal disease surveillance in West Africa deployed at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and Njala University, Sierra Leone with short course modular options;
  2. Video documentaries on mode and pattern of transmission of rabies in West African communities;
  3. Radio jingle on Ebola virus disease containment promotion in West African communities;
  4. Publications on indiginous knowledge, attitudes and practices associated with rabies and spatial regression of Lassa fever at the human-animal-environment interface in West Africa;
  5. Zoonet - an internet based geographic information database on control and prevention of zoonoses in West Africa. Available at;
  6. Thematic maps on distribution and hotspots of rabies, Lassa fever and influenza-A viruses at the human-animal-environment interface in West Africa. Available at;
  7. Thematic maps on interventions for control and prevention of selected zoonoses in West Africa. Available at;
  8. Thematic maps on knowledge, attitude and practices associated with selected human-animal diseases in West Africa;
  9. GeneBank Ascension for Influenza-A viruses including a pandemic strain circulating in West Africa.  and The centre provides molecular laboratory diagnostic facility for zoonoses surveillance;
  10. Instructional materials in PowerPoint,  manual for getting to know human-animal disease surveillance in West Africa and articles in learned journals. Information for scientific article contribution is available at ;
  11. Communique, policy review documents and professional papers on harmonizing human-animal diseases containment practices in West Africa.

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